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Our focus: What works for you

We at Beyond have over three decades of international experience in working with CEO’s, their colleagues and direct reports. Specifically we understand the complexities and how to find simplicity that works for the client.

You name the results you want to achieve. We provide you with an experienced, unbiased outside perception, and results focused advice.

We give you scenario’s and possible consequences. Our advice aims at making decisions clear and easy for you. When appropriate we can also give you advice how to implement your decisions.

We commit to showing what works for you in your circumstances.

Executive business coaching: Business and Personal

Usually, executive business coaching starts out with a business issue. However, the responsibilities, together with the necessary personal input inevitably have an impact on the executive’s personal life.

Addressing the mix of business and personal is usually a critical success factor. When the business and personal issues have been discussed and addressed, both the business results and the personal life improve. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Result areas of executive business coaching

Result areas in which we have advised our clients are these topics, as seen from the perspective of the executive. (N.B. We specialise in handling conflicts productively. See below for more information on this topic, or look directly on the page about handling conflicts).

  • Reality check (personal, team, organization)
  • Reset of the strategic Performance & Goal setting
  • Change & empowerment in the organization
  • Using broad communication competencies for effective execution
  • Establishing the right team combination
  • Understanding others and improving persuasion and decision making
  • Applying C-suite critical skills and insight (in an appropriate style)
  • Clarity in work & life matters
  • Succession planning

In these matters you can expect from us that we challenge conventional approaches, ways of thinking and decision-making. We offer practical, effective alternatives to accomplish your goal. Find out more about the process of working with us by looking at How we work.

Handling conflicts for executives

In the course of over thirty years of in-depth international experience in these areas, we also acquired extensive know-how about handling conflicts.

Our focus is first on enabling the client to deal with the effects of conflicts as they are personally experienced. Especially this personal aspect is of critical importance and often insufficiently addressed. Next the attention is on how to handle the conflict productively.

In handling conflict we show you how to combine business execution with leading through the conflict, while accomplishing your business goals.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions you have regarding what we can do for you.

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