Usually, executive business coaching starts out with a business issue. Yet, for most executives, work and life matters cannot be kept separate. The responsibilities together with the necessary input inevitably have an impact on the executive’s life. When these issues are addressed, both life and the results improve.

We have over three decades of international experience in working with CEO’s, their colleagues and direct reports, plus the organizations they lead. Specifically we understand the complexities and how to find simplicity in execution that works.

Our focus is about you in the business of attaining results with the people you lead. We discretely coach clients to accomplish the goals they set. This involves exploring past, current, and future actions and their results in a safe and confidential manner.

You name the results you want to achieve. We provide you with an experienced, unbiased outside perception, and results focused advice.

We commit to showing you what works for you in achieving results. Result areas in which we have advised our clients are:

  • Leadership issues and leadership development
  • Applying C-suite critical skills (in an appropriate style)
  • Understanding others and improving persuasion
  • Reality check (personal, team, organization)
  • Reset of the strategic Performance & Goal setting
  • Change & empowerment in the organization
  • Developing result-oriented and people-oriented skills
  • Using broad communication skills for effective execution
  • Resolving potential conflicts
  • Planning succession
  • Establishing the right team combination
  • Improving team performance
  • Personal well-being & decisions
  • Reflection & counsel
  • Clarity in work & life matters